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MOLD MINIMIZATION RECOMMENDATIONS Your weekly HomeTip from      Home Inspection by P.R.O.S.  Maintaining correct humidity levels in your home is critical for minimizing conditions for mold growth.  Mold is only a symptom….of excessive moisture within the building envelope.   As home inspectors we are seeing more and more homes with attic mold because of homeowners […]

Flush the sediment from your water heater

Flush the sediment from your water heater Compliments of   PROSinspections.com WHAT ? Flush the sediment from your water heater. WHEN ? Twice a year. Now is a good time. WHY ? Remember the whitish coating on the interior of an empty water glass.  The films on the inside of the glass were the salts and minerals left after […]


COMPLIMENTS OF  PROSinspections.com   CHECK FOR ICE DAMS Some are worse than others, but most winters create conditions that are ideal for ice dams. Melting snow on the upper portion of the roof refreezes at the bottom. WHAT  Check for ice dams. WHEN When there is snow on the roof and the temperature is a few […]


 Compliments of  Home Inspection by P.R.O.S.  Avoid a wet basement with helpful home improvement tips. Next spring may seem a long way off, but it will be here before you know it. The other thing that can arrive before you know it is water in your basement. The fall is your last chance to invest in […]

Test your circuit breakers

Compliments of… Home Inspection by P.R.O.S TEST YOUR CIRCUIT BREAKERS WHEN: Twice a year ideally when we move to and from daylight saving time since you have to reset your clocks and other accessories anyway.  WHY: Circuit breakers are mechanical devices that can seize. By testing them, you ensure that the switch mechanism is free […]

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